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Cringing over things I said 10 kilos back

Well, its 2.05 am and I cannot sleep. Guess its time to mull over cringe-worthy things I spouted when I weighed about 10 kilos less(so a really long time ago).

1) Sharing the line Mumford & Sons line "Love will not betray, dismay, enslave you. It will set you free" when I had never been in love, was never looking for love, when I had never experienced any heartbreak of any sort. (Still love the song!)

2) Telling people "God is trying to teach me humility" when they ask me how I got good grades in-spite of not studying before exams. My convoluted logic was that if I had studies, and got good grades I might have been proud. And so by giving me good grades when I was not studying, God was showing his unmerited favor. I still don't know why I got good grades, but I should have just said 'I have no idea', instead of spinning it into a teachable moment.

3) Advising my mom on her 25 year marriage, when I had been married for a grand total of 2 months.
Ha …

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